WeChat for PC Windows 7 Free Download, We Chat for Computer Mac

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WeChat for PC Windows 7 Free Download

WeChat for PC Windows 7, this is the first app we are providing for PC in download android apps for pc, hope you will enjoy it. WeChat is really cool app with great features. It makes you to chat with your friends who are also using WeChat. It is a social networking app for android. You can add anyone by simply searching by id or by shaking your phone. It will search other users who are also shaking their phone at the same time from all over the world. Having such a great app for PC (WeChat for PC) is a basic requirement for a social networking addict. Take a look at Whatsapp for PC. In this article we will cover all the steps for downloading wechat on PC.

How to Download WeChat for PC

WeChat for PC

First of all you need to have a knowledge about android emulators. Android emulators provide some great facility by which you can use android apps on your PC. There are many emulators in the Internet. You can choose one of them as it is not Hobson’s choice for you. Let me introduce you guys with Bluestacks. An android emulator, you can easily download it for free. Now carefully follow all the steps given below.

Download Bluestacks

Download Wechat for PC Steps

Install bluestacks on your PC. Now you have two methods. First method requires a working Internet connection while the second method doesn’t require any internet connection but in this method you will have to download the .apk file of wechat.

Method First

Remember you need an Internet connection. As you have already installed bluestacks on your computer. Now simply open it and search wechat on the search bar. You will get the app for your PC. Now you can easily install WeChat for PC.

Method Second

Download the apk file of WeChat. Right click on the apk file and open it with bluestacks. Now follow the on screen instructions for installing WeChat on your computer. I think you have found it really easy to install WeChat on PC.

PS:: Don’t forget to share this method with your friends. Tell us more about WeChat for PC in the comment section.

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WeChat for PC Windows 7 Free Download, We Chat for Computer Mac, 4.5 out of 5 based on 51 ratings

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  1. Lovely application, i was not able to use this on my android phone due to less memory space. but now i can get connected with friends from my laptop..

    but m having trouble to share stickers on PC installation, do you have any suggestion for that.

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